A Thank You to Blunder Woman Readers

Blunder Woman Readers, 

You've stuck with Chloe through a horrible Kentucky Derby party, her attempt at running a half-marathon, girl fights, a fundraiser under the stars, and numerous digressions. And I can't thank you enough. A special thanks to all the people who sent me comments, encouraging me to go on. Here are their names, in no particular order. If they give me permission, I'll write their full names:


Molly Kelly, Denise, Beth, Katy, Renee, Kelly, Diana, Tessa, Bronwyn, Rodger, Brynn, Connie (My Aunt), Pat, Sheila, Missy, Sharon, Jason, Curlista, Randy, Lili, Vicki, Caitlin Eby (my friend and niece), Joe, Anne Bancroft (My mom), Tracey, Brendan. And to Cory Young...the best Turtle Racer on the Planet. 

And to TM Camp who created the site and without whom, I'd never have been able to post anything.

Blunder Woman might be done, but there are other things in the works, including publication of "Easy Does It" my first book. But that's another story. Literally.

Thanks for reading,