A Typical Conversation b/w Me and Kealoha

SETTING: My green couch (fka as Arnie’s green couch) at 6AM. Kealoha hands me a coffee. I take a sip.

ME: You put cream in my coffee.

K: Yeah.

ME: But you didn’t put any sugar in it.

K: Uh…yeah. You never have sugar in your coffee.

ME: That’s what I’m saying. You made me coffee the way I like it. I didn’t have to tell you.

K: Uhm. Yep.

(We drink our coffee. I’m thinking “it’s a miracle!”. Kealoha is probably thinking “She’s a little weird in the morning.”)

Kealoha points to my new pajama pants. They’re red and covered with teeny tiny hearts, like a million of them.

K: I like your new pants.

ME: They’re awful, aren’t they? I’m afraid I’ve become one of THOSE women. You know, the women who wear ridiculously tacky things. In public. And don’t care at all.


K: You’re talking to a man who’s wearing a jackalope t-shirt. Anyone who has any doubt that we’re made for each other should just take a look at us right now.