And so it begins...Again. Again to the power of 4.

Damnation!  I promised I was through with dieting! I swore to the air gods above and said: I! WILL! NOT! DIET! Then I ate a ton of crap and couldn't fit into any more of my pants.

Now, with the wedding looming in just 98 days (holy shit! That's less than 100!) I've realized that I just have to suck it up, because if I want to wear the wedding dress I've got my eye on...just sucking it in won't be enough.

So I'm starting a diet. Again. But, yeah, I'm trying to be all healthy about it and not actively DIET--more like just stop eating all the crap and exercising more.

If this works, I'll turn it into a book and sell millions. It will be called "Stop Eating Crap. Exercise More". That'll be the whole book. I'll just fill the other 300 or so pages with lots of meaningless stuff about buffalo and bigfoot and then put in some recipes.

So. Here I go. Starting right now. I'm going to put down my chip and walk away. Walk slowly away.

I probably better step away from the bacon too. Hmm. Make that run away. Run so FAR away. And with that, I leave you with this: