Another Conversation with Kealoha

Okay. I’ve been a little bit stressed out. Like, CONTINUOUSLY.  

So here’s a conversation with Kealoha that I had last night after pacing around and hovering by him while he tried to fix things on my computer so I could work on some recording stuff. At one point, I was like a big buffalo, right behind him, breathing hotly. Not sexy breathing, just MOIST breathing. I was trying to ‘encourage’ him to fix the problem faster. I could just FEEL myself being annoying, but I couldn’t stop it.

Later, when he fixed the computer issues, I apologized for being so impatient. I mean, you can’t make a computer work faster. It works at its own pace.


ME: I’m sorry I’ve been acting crazy.


KEALOHA: Well, it’s an endearing crazy, and not full-blown crazy.


ME: Yeah. It’s a temporary crazy. And at least I’m AWARE that I’m being ridiculous. I’m sorry I annoyed you.


KEALOHA: It’s okay.


ME: I was annoying myself. I even tried to get away from myself but everywhere I walked, there I was, right with me.


KEALOHA: Maybe you should start to actually DO yoga instead of just wear the pants.


ME: Don’t be ridiculous.


Well, I might’ve just thought that last line.


I’m starting to think that being stressed out might not be temporary. Maybe it’s my default. Maybe it’s where I start from.


Sheesh. Breathe in. Breathe out. Downward dog pose. Lift leg. Whatever.


I’m actually starting to consider giving up coffee or doing yoga. Surely there’s a better way to handle stress then doing either of those things! I mean, I don’t want to be so deeply drastic about it, I just want to relax a little and stop freaking out all the time.


I know the answer is probably anti-anxiety medication, but right now, I’d take a cake pop over that. It’ll taste great with coffee.