Being awake after midnight can cause deep thoughts like "Nathan Fillion is like a comfy sweater"...

It’s 12:30 PM and I am wide awake. You’d think that this is relatively normal. I know people who stay up until 1 or 2 every night. Most of these people are (in my mind) strange creatures who thrive on creativity. They must accomplish so much, especially if they put their kids to bed by eight or nine.  

So maybe I’m one of these cool Night Hawks. But, uh, no.


I’m wide awake past midnight because I fell asleep last night at 8PM. That’s right. I had the kids tucked in bed by 7:30. By 8:00, I was downstairs with my legs propped up on Kealoha, sort of forcing him to rub my feet. We put on “Castle” and by approximately 8:03 I was fast asleep. It was a great sleep too. I was warm and cozy. I blame “Castle” for that. The show is just so damned comforting, nightly murders aside, that I can fall asleep while watching it as soon as the opening credits roll.


Maybe it has something to do with Nathan Fillion. He’s sort of like a cozy sweater. Whenever I watch something with him in it, I just feel like: everything is going to be okay.



Now granted, I was pretty tired. I’d had a day of teaching where I terrified a group of students by pulling out a bag of cherries from my purse and asking them to write about them. Why cherries? I saw them at the grocery store and I wondered if they’d make a good writing prompt. And I had deep conversations with my kids that required a lot of brain work. Conversations with my son that included him saying things like “Whazzup, yo? Touché, yo. 'Sup?” He’d squint his eyes, and show me how to look intense and cool. (Very impressive that a seven-year-old can be that intense, but brain exhausting trying to understand what he meant by 'touché yo".) My daughter and I also bonded over a conversation that included her saying “I’m a fart machine, Ma. I can’t help it. It’s what I DO.”


It was a day filled with pondering and contemplation, and I was tired.


So I reclined on the couch. “Castle” started and Kealoha rubbed my feet and I was warm and cozy and deeply asleep. Somehow I schlepped upstairs around nine to continue to sleep.


What do cool people do after midnight? I imagine they do stuff like blog and create new flavors for ice cream. What a weird time of day/night to be alert. It’s sort of like visiting a distant land.


And now I want a comfy sweater and/or to hang out with Nathan Fillion. It’d be great if I could get him to read me a story. That’d put me right back to sleep. (In a good way. He’s a great actor.) All he’d have to say is “Once upon a time…” and then throw in some murders and/or references to Firefly or the pies he tried in Waitress, and I’d be off to dreamland right away.

Hmmm. Pie. Maybe I’ll create a new flavor of pie with the time before morning.


I’m thinking something savory….with bacon…Hmmm….bacon pie….