Cheesecake & Chet Baker

Saturday morning. I’ve got some soft jazz playing on Pandora (currently it’s Chet Baker). I’ve just made a cheesecake and it’s cooling on the countertop. Kealoha is outside snow blowing away. The kids are at their dad’s house and I’ve spent the last twenty-four hours picking up Squinkies and Lego pieces from my floor. I’ve unlocked three levels of Mario Kart for when the kids are home, and already I’m counting the days until they come back.  

Today Kealoha and I will get groceries and check out Costco. I’m wearing my favorite yoga pants and a pullover. Dinner is homemade picadillo, corn pudding, and rice and beans. I will drink wine and listen to more jazz. Maybe Kealoha and I will watch a movie or “Homeland” or something. Maybe I’ll fall asleep on the couch while I pretend not to.

I might read today. Finish up with “The Haunting of Hill House” and make some discussion notes to go over with my students.


Outside the sun is shining on the snow. It’s one of those bright, cold, crisp January days.


Sitting here, I’m having one of those moments where everything is pretty clear: I have everything I need. There might be things I want still (you’ve got to have wants) but the truth is, I have everything I need.

It’s not a splashy day. Not an especially exciting day. But sometimes, a good day is more than enough.