Beware the Sugar Coma

Here is a conversation I had with my kids, Franz and Moxie, as Franz was about to consume this giant cupcake. Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 1.54.54 PM

ME: Seriously? Are you going to eat that?

FRANZ: Yep. The whole thing.

ME: If you eat the whole thing, you're going to go into a sugar coma.

FRANZ: Sugar coma? What? That's not even real.

MOXIE: Oooooh, it's real all right. Alex, in my class, it was on Valentine's Day and he ate so much sugar that he started running around and around in a circle screaming his head off, just screaming and screaming and they sent him to the office. Eventually they called the ambulance and everything. Sugar. Coma.

ME: Wow. That sounds really serious.

MOXIE: It is. Super serious.

FRANZ: Maybe I'll only have half of it.

Happy Easter!