Beware the Sugar Coma

Here is a conversation I had with my kids, Franz and Moxie, as Franz was about to consume this giant cupcake. Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 1.54.54 PM

ME: Seriously? Are you going to eat that?

FRANZ: Yep. The whole thing.

ME: If you eat the whole thing, you're going to go into a sugar coma.

FRANZ: Sugar coma? What? That's not even real.

MOXIE: Oooooh, it's real all right. Alex, in my class, it was on Valentine's Day and he ate so much sugar that he started running around and around in a circle screaming his head off, just screaming and screaming and they sent him to the office. Eventually they called the ambulance and everything. Sugar. Coma.

ME: Wow. That sounds really serious.

MOXIE: It is. Super serious.

FRANZ: Maybe I'll only have half of it.

Happy Easter!

Conversation in the Car Post Wizard of Oz Performance

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 10.11.21 AM Cast: Franz, 9 Moxie, 7 Kealoha, 40s Me, ageless

FRANZ: So that was much better than I thought. I mean, I felt like the production level was really high.

ME: It was. And they had great sets and costumes. Moxie, you did a great job. You totally held that spear with such authority!

MOXIE: I know.

ME: I mean, there were some real…moments…in the performance that were just great.

MOXIE: Yeah. They forgot a bunch of stuff though.

KEALOHA: They kept going though. Eventually. And that’s what you do in theater. If something goes wrong, you just keep going.

FRANZ: Not always.

ME: Always, Franz. That’s what people in theater do. When something goes wrong, you just suck it up and push forward.

FRANZ: Not if someone DIED on stage. Like right in the middle had a HEART ATTACK and COLLAPSED, then they wouldn’t keep going. I mean, that would be RUDE.

ME: Okay, but we’re not talking about that…we mean…

FRANZ: Or if a bunch of ASSASSINS stormed the theater and were like dropping down from the rafters, they wouldn’t keep going THEN would they?

ME: Uhhh….

FRANZ: Or if there was this giant fireball and people caught on fire and were screaming and catching each other on fire and….

KEALOHA: Okay. No. You’re right. They wouldn’t keep going then. They’d lower the curtain and the stage manager would politely ask if there was anyone in the house who was a doctor, a medic, or a paratrooper.

FRANZ: Paratrooper. Heh. That’s a good one.

ME: Okay, okay. But THAT didn’t happen tonight. In THIS play. That we’re talking about right NOW. Moxie, again, you did a great job. I really liked how you marched and looked so fierce with that spear.

MOXIE: Well, I didn’t look fierce actually. They just put giant eyebrows on us to make all of us look angry.

ME: Good to know. Big eyebrows make you look angry. See? Theater teaches you stuff.

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 10.09.47 AM