I don’t know if it’s the dreary weather or the fact that the kiddos are gone with their dad and are up in Canada…or maybe I’m just PMSing…or maybe, just maybe I’m a moody mofo, but I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING today. It’s not like I haven’t done a ton already, but now I’m sitting here in my yoga pants and big tshirt and I keep looking at the clock trying to figure out when I can eat again and it wouldn’t be considered gorging.


This morning I had a voice over before school so I went to the studio waited for Joe to get done recording. I was cracking up. He had to say the line “Mmmm. That’s some tasty beef” like twenty times. Each time he said it, he had a little more enthusiasm. It was hysterical. I’ve had to say ridiculous things. (Some of you recall the time I had to say in a commercial “Boy! I just love to sit on a big deck!” It was a restaurant with a deck party and I had to REALLY enunciate the word ‘deck’.)  This morning, though, it was just a warm and fuzzy bank commercial. I had to make sure I had a smile in my voice. Mostly, I just wanted to scratch myself.


Then I went to school and prepped for the next two and a half hours. I forgot my lunch and picked up the worst tuna salad ever. It was noodles, tuna, peas, cheese and straight mayonnaise. Blugh! Then I went to class and we talked about beauty and why is there suc h a pressure to be beautiful and I said that I’d been trying to lose five pounds for twenty years. It’s true. I’m never thin enough or smart enough or pretty enough or successful enough. It was a great conversation, but I ended up just wanting a donut. I schlepped home. I was starving so I heated up delicious dinner from last night. made some coffee and then looked at my To Do List. That was three hours ago. I’ve since played an hour or so of Angry birds, complained about the weather, looked at myself in the mirror and said “Oh, just give up on those five pounds already” and then went to watch TV.


Even TV didn’t work, so I turned to youtube thinking I could post a clever video, but the only search term I could think of was ‘funny’.


Now I’m here. Yoga pants, tshirt, and half an hour until Kealoha gets home and we’re having pea soup and grilled bacon, cheese and apple sandwiches.


I want me some sunshine and warm weather. And a book deal would be nice too.


If today’s blog isn’t exciting enough, I leave you with 9:43 seconds of a dude mowing his lawn. FOR REAL. At least it looks warm.