Street Team Powers ACTIVATE

Last week I mentioned on Facebook that my publisher (Champagne Books) is hoping their writers can form "street teams". I didn’t know what the beejus that was either, except it sounded like you should carry a baseball bat and be all slicked back and tough like in The Outsiders. And they wore way too much hair product for my taste.

A street team, though, is just a group of people who like a musician, an artist, or a writer and want to promote them. One thing I’ve learned as I dip into publishing is that while I can get my stuff out there, it’s really hard to let people know about it. I simply can’t do it alone. Basically, I’m looking for some devoted minions, except, you know, nice minions. LIke you'd be more prone to give a backrub than take over the world.


What do you do? What kind of relationship is this? Basically, I give you some free stuff to get you started. In the beginning, I can give up to fifteen free books (maybe twenty if there are some ebooks in there). One to each minion. And all you do is tell a friend. Maybe mention my blog or facebook page, or suggest that your book club cover a quirky romantic comedy or mystery instead of a super serious death-read. And that’s it. That’s all you have to do. You tell a friend through face-to-face, Twitter, Facebook, what have you. If my work is strong enough, others will want to read it. And then I can keep writing.


In the future (as soon as I get things ordered), you’ll receive some free promo stuff. Bookmarks, Band-Aids, recipes, etc. Keep some for yourself, and share with others. You can help me promote an awkward book tour and I might have some dorky challenges. (Like be in a book trailer.)


It’s painless and potentially fun. Why would you want to help someone you don’t even know? Good question. I can’t answer that, but I think it’d be fun to be part of a clandestine organization where the only point is to tell someone about an unknown writer and hope it catches on.


It’s sort of like attaching a note to a balloon and letting it go and hoping someone across the ocean gets it. (And of course that the balloon doesn’t pop and kill a dolphin. I’m emphatically against killing dolphins. And unicorns. I do not kill unicorns.)

What do you say? Want to help? Email me your name, email, and address and if you’d like a paperback or ebook. If you have a preference for which book you’d like to receive, let me know that too. There are three to choose from: “Easy Does It”, “Blunder Woman” and “Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage”.


Free stuff for you…and for me…someone new might stumble across my work. It’s not just about money. I’m really not making any money at all on this. I just want to keep writing and keep finding ways to find the funny in life.