Conversation between Kealoha and my daughter

Now, granted, I only heard part of this conversation, but I think I got most of it. And it shows Simone is definitely my daughter. I was cutting vegetables or something and Simone was sitting on Kealoha's lap. They were having a detailed conversation about the cardboard grocery store Simone has. She was upset because our cat Mist keeps jumping from his cat tree onto the cardboard grocery store. A smart thing for Mist (it cushions his fall), a bad thing for the grocery store.

KEALOHA: Don't worry, Simone. I could bring a cardboard box home from work. We'll build you a sturdier grocery store.

SIMONE: Build me one?

KEALOHA: Yeah. You know. From scraps.

SIMONE: What are scraps?

KEALHOA: Oh, you know, stuff that's not worth much and no one wants anymore.

(Simone thinks for a moment)

SIMONE: Oh! Yeah! Like your FACE!

Love it love it love it. I laughed until I couldn't breathe. Of course, I'm super congested right now, but still, it was pretty funny.