Easy Lady Requests Guy with Two Socks EDI #5

Chapter 5

It was nearly three in the morning and Eve sat at her laptop in her kitchen wrapped in her favorite pink silk robe. She’d given up on trying to get to sleep, and decided to check and see if Julie really did post that ad. She hadn’t gotten any emails or calls yet so she figured Julie probably hadn’t done it. Eve reached for her home-made cappuccino and took a deep sip. Of course, she thought, drinking four cups of cappuccino a day since she got her new coffee maker probably didn’t help in the sleep department. 

She moved the cursor over the screen and typed in the web address. She didn’t even have to search for Julie’s ad as it had been chosen as the member spotlight, and was featured on the first page of the website.

There was Julie: sweet, withdrawn Julie, for the entire world to see in a red negligee sprawled on her couch holding up a nearly-empty bottle of wine and what Eve recognized as a very drunken expression on her face. To others, Julie’s smoky eyes and slight smile might be misinterpreted as a come-hither-now stare. And it looked like there was a paperclip stuck to her forehead. Laughter rose within Eve and then she noticed the little sideways triangle underneath her post. A play button? Why was there a play button. Eve pressed the button and it became clear: Julie had posted her not a written ad, but she’d actually recorded one.

The Picture wobbled and there was a close-up of Julie’s cleavage, then she ran to her couch and jumped on it, her yellow robe flying like a superhero’s.  “Hey there,” Julie said in a voice that was pitched low, as if she were trying to sound sexy. “I’m Eaaaaaaasy Laaaaady and I want some socks. A two pair of socks. One two. Me…” she pointed at the screen. “You.”

Then Julie got off the couch and walked up to the screen, and said:

Look, I’m here you’re there and if you wanna

know the truth I’m tired of this being alone stuff

I don’t wannta be a lonely sock and it’s not like

I’m looking for marriage exactly but you know

what? I’m talented and smart and fairly attractive

and have killer knockers so why not come knockin

you write me and if not then forget you I’ve got

plenty of things to meet and people to do.

Julie flicked her hair, dropped her robe and the screen went black.

 Eve laughed again. This was good. Too, too good. This was exactly the sort of thing that made her love Julie: she had an astounding knack for complicating her life.