For Once I'm Not Depressed -- Just Busy

Soooo, I’ve been woefully neglectful of my blog. Don’t worry. It doesn’t signify that I’m depressed or giving up on writing or any of that nonsense. I’ve just been incredibly busy. Insanely busy. Busy as in I’m-lucky-if-I-take-a-shower busy.  

But it’s all going to calm down in another month.


See, I’m transitioning from teaching and narrating to just narrating. But that means that for the past month and for one more month to come, I’m doing both jobs, so I’m caught in a whirlwind of activity. When I have time to rest, I cuddle the kiddos and Kealoha, usually while prepping the next class or audiobook.


To top it off, I got sick last week. Of course. My body has a way of slowing me down by getting sick when I’ve taken on too much. It started with a voice-crack here and there and then that congestion and the sultry voice that started to change into a smoker’s hack. (Even though I don’t smoke.) So I went the weekend without speaking, had to postpone a recording, had to readjust my schedule, cancel a class, and try not to lose my mind.


Two days of pretty much sleeping followed, and now, I’ve got my voice back and one more month of frenetic activity before teaching is done and…I…can…breathe again.


Breathing is nice. I’m really looking forward to it.


So, in short. I’m here. I haven’t disappeared. And as soon as I have some Tanya-time again, I’ll start posting blogs more frequently. And maybe finally get “Tunnel Vision” out there, and work on my food blog, and all the other things I’ve been neglecting for so long.


I’m hoping I’ll have time for a pedicure and to visit that mean Russian lady who insisted I take better care of myself. I sorta wish I could carry her in my pocket to remind me to slow down every now and then.


In a month. One more month. One more month and then I’m just a simple narrator. Ahhhhh. I can totally do this.