Open Mic Night at La Cantina Pt 5

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MELODY tries to stand up in the little adobe, but hits her head on the ceiling.



It’s like being trapped in a Mexican womb.

CONNIE Now, Melody…

MELODY I’m just saying.

Melody sits down at the table.


MELODY Okay. I didn’t want to write a poem because I’m sixteen and Grandma C over there thinks I haven’t had sex yet and I don’t want to give her a heart attack because she feeds me and shit and all of your poems were like, hello, sex in words.


Uhm….Thank you.


So here’s a short story.

Melody clear her throat and begins to read, loudly, so that everyone in the restaurant can hear her, even over the sound of crunching tortilla chips.



I’ve made an intricate plan to kill my grandmother. She takes care of me because my mom is all hopped up on meth and is now residing in the local penitentiary where she gets free dental care.

CRICKET Excuse me? I thought this was supposed to be a story.


It is.

CONNIE (growing nervous.) Of course it’s a story. Rule #1 is that we must assume it’s made up. Melody has a very active imagination.

MELODY So anyway. Killing my grandma, whose name is Constance Carol Calhoun…

Cricket turns to Connie.


CRICKET: But isn’t that your name?

MELODY …involves a lot of deception and intrigue. First, I had to research poisons online. I found you could grow certain plants and then put them in tea. I’ve been poisoning my grandma for three weeks now, and tonight I gave her the final dose in a margarita. In about half an hour, she’ll start sweating and will die, probably face first into a gigantic burrito. I ordered one to cushion her fall. When she bites it, literally, I’ll inherit everything and I can throw porn parties and move to Alaska if I want to. But first I’ll sell off her Hummel figurine collection. The End.

MABEL I like Hummel figurines. They’re so cute. Sorta liked they dipped a bunch of miniature children in wax.


CARL You okay, Connie?

CONNIE I’m fine. Just…fine.

CARL You look like you’re sweating. And your face is all red. How long ago did you drink that margarita?

CONNIE Now, don’t be ridiculous. Clearly, Melody is using real details from her life, but enhancing them. All writers do this. In fact, I think it’s a strength of the piece. What else is working in it?

MELODY That you die in it.

CONNIE You’re not supposed to comment on your own work. We’re supposed to give you feedback and you just sit there and listen.

The Waiter appears.


THE WAITER: Okay, four combos and a gigantic burrito. Who gets the burrito?

MELODY She does.

CONNIE No, no. Really. I’m fine.

CARL: Well, I liked the piece but I think you’re one twisted little punk. You need therapy. Or a good ass-kicking.

CRICKET There isn’t anything about God or Jesus in it. I think that would help. Maybe God and/or Jesus could talk to you and encourage you to kill your grandmother.

CONNIE Now, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Maybe the ‘character’ shouldn’t kill the grandmother because the grandmother clearly adores the granddaughter and has given up everything to take care of the ungrateful child, even the hot house yoga, and swing night with the over sixties club, and dating on Sexy Seniors. So maybe the protagonist should try to back off a little bit and recognize the grandmother is pretty much a saint.

MABEL The grandmother sounds annoying. Now, when I killed my grandmother, I just got a sharp knife from the kitchen drawer and I went in when she was sleeping and…

CONNIE Bean dip! Who needs bean dip!

They all raise their hands.


CONNIE Good. I’ll go get some. When I get back, why don’t I read a poem to you? Let’s just focus on our meals for now.

Connie gets up and exits.



I’m just saying that I liked your story and I know lots about killing so just come to me with any questions.