I have BIC. But it's okay. (And it's not a razor)

I think I’m suffering from a serious condition. Well, first, I’m pretty sure I’m a hypochondriac. I self-diagnosed myself ages ago. Mostly, I do okay with being a hypochondriac. I try to talk myself down when I develop symptoms of the bubonic plague, or when I’m certain that my inability to breathe means I have a collapsed lung and not, say, an exercise-induced mini asthma attack. But this condition is real.

I have Blog Identity Confusion, or BIC (not to be confused with the razors).

When I started this blog, I primarily posted excerpts from “Blunder Woman”. It was a way for me to keep writing during a tough time.

Then I left my marriage and my blog became a terrific vehicle for talking about being a single mom, starting over, and all the things that happened that year from radio plays to getting published to the most pathetic Christmas ever.

Then my blog became about bad dating experiences, an ugly tormented dating relationship (if you read my blog regularly then you know who I'm talking about), and then just feeling like a general Blunder Woman.

But now…


Who am I?

I’m pretty well-adjusted, happily employed, mom to two kids and soon-to-be Kealoha’s wife. Gone are the turbulent dating stories, the stresses of starting over (I’ve started), and the radio plays (sadly).

Now I’m sorta a mish-mash blog of mom-stuff, writer-stuff, narrator-stuff, foodie-stuff, and the random jibberjaw.

And I don’t feel like a Blunder Woman anymore. I feel like I’ve finally gotten my life together.

So. Now what? What do I do with my Blog Identity Confusion?

Nothing. I guess I just whine about it. And then one day I write about being a mom, the next I write about the wedding, the next I write about the crazy characters forming in my mind for the next novel. I'm still wondering whether or not to blog about my time in NYC during 9/11 but I'm wondering if that's too far from my 'blog brand'. Hence, the confusion. Gah.

I’m fairly okay with this confusion. Just thought I’d mention that yes, I’m aware of it, and sadly there is no cure. I’ve never been extremely focused on one thing like politics or mothering or building things from plastic soda bottles. I’m more of a catch-everything (as long as it’s not an STD).

And that’s my deep thought for the day. Now I’ll go back to researching what possible chronic conditions I have and if I can cure it with the new juicer I purchased but have yet to use.