I Still Want Your Real Blunder Woman Story

I Want Your Real Blunder Woman Story 


 My friend Dionne posted a hilarious update that went like this:


From Dionne Thornton, New York City:

I was almost a victim of a Nigerian dating scam! My life simply kicks ass! I mean really, who, but me???. This "great guy" had to fly to London for a business trip, but BA lost his luggage and now he's stranded. His "friend" is trying to send him money, but needs my credit card to do it. Of course his cc was in his luggage... Ugh...I'm I supposed to be that gullible???


She said it her story should be another chapter in Blunder Woman

It occurred to me that we all have Blunder Woman (Or Blunder Man) moments in dating. We do stupid things, we love the wrong people, we wear ridiculous get ups, we cook fresh crab rangoons while wearing an apron at a keg party because it said to bring a dish to pass even though everyone else just brought chips and salsa.

Er, that last one is mine. 

Here's another true story: I really did wait outside a Brooklyn apartment for three hours in the rain because the guy I was dating said "I'll be there in just a minute" and I didn't want to hurt his feelings by leaving when he'd called to say he was running late. 

Sad, but also a wee bit funny.

So send me your Blunder Moment with your name as you want it to appear and I'll post it on the site. After all, sharing is a bit of therapy, really. Here's a cheap way to do it. And who knows? Maybe I'll write a sequel to Blunder Woman using your story for inspiration. 



Send Blunder Woman stories to:

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