If I Ran Like This...

I used to be able to run around Reed's Lake...4 1/2 miles. And then, this time last year, I broke my foot. I thought once the cast was off, I'd run again...but the pain in my foot was sharp, like stepping on a splinter. Finally, by August, it was more of  a dull ache. Now it's December, a year after the Broken Foot, and I'm trying to run again. It's hard. I'm out of shape. Today though I was so stressed out I thought, I have to give this a try.

I walked on the treadmill today for twenty minutes and ran for two. It still hurts. It's still hard. And it takes massive amounts of self-motivation to get my ass on the treadmill with the idea of running.

My son wanted to have a turn, so I hopped off and let him give it a go. What happened next made me rethink the way I'm running. If I could run a little bit more like Louis, maybe running would be fun again. I'm going to give it a shot. Seriously. I don't know why I haven't thought of this before. Make it ridiculous, and surely the pain will lessen. That's got to be in some handbook for living somewhere.

Wait a minute. It is! Mary Poppins sings about it.

Aw, man. I'm now trying to live my life according to Mary Poppins.

Whatever. Here's the video. I'm going to go try this now: