What I'm Working On Now

All through November, I worked on NaNoWriMo, waking up at 5 in the morning to do. And I did it. I wrote a novel in a month. So...er...now what?

I had all these holiday plans for my month-long holiday from teaching. I picked up two Aldous Huxley novels (The Island and Brave New World) and  a Philip K. Dick novel (The Crack in Space). I figured I'd run a mile a day, read vintage sci-five, rewrite the novel, see movies, hang out with the kiddos. I also planned extensive menus for the Logs, Balls, and Bad Holiday Sweater party I'm hosting with Kealoha..and our Christmas Day feast of turducken and a three-tier chocolate mousse cake from Bon Appetit.

Then...I got an email asking if I could record five novels in the next three weeks. Five novels! They're by Lilith Saintcrow and I get to play a badass Necromancer and do all these demon voices. What? Really? HELL YES! (Literally. The heroine spends a lot of time in hell.)

So all of my holiday plans have been postponed. I'm now working on this:

I have to prep all the characters, read the novels, look for words I can't pronounce, and then spend three weeks recording. It's not the Christmas I had planned, but it's going to be devilishly fun.

I'll still have time to blog. Next one I think is about Christmas ornaments and decorating the tree. We had quite the adventure here yesterday. It involved quotes like "Man, Nana's got back!" and "Catch the tree!"