If Little Changes Equal A Big Reward Then Where's My Money?

I’m almost 40. 40!!!! Well, in another year. Actually, I’m almost 39. The Bday is pending. With it, comes major self-analyzing and general fatigue. With this next year, I’m hoping to make some little changes that will have big rewards, especially when it comes to my weight gain over the last two years.

I’ve developed some bad food habits, though they’re wonderfully comforting.

Here’s what I’m going to change:

GONE is my daily Starbucks run for a latte. It’s expensive and I’m starting to look like I have udders.

GONE is my nightly scoop of ice cream (see below).

GONE is my over-indulgence at restaurants. It’s time to buck up and take my lunch to work, even when I’m narrating.

RETURNING is my commitment to walk 15 miles a week. That’s like 3 miles five days a week with two days off. I can do that.

RETURNING (I hope) is a little bit less stress. It’s been a rough year career-wise.


Okay. So that’s my commitment. I’m really trying here, especially after seeing pictures of me from my family reunion. I just don’t look like ME anymore.

Here’s hoping I can lose a little of the puffiness in my face before we go to Paris, otherwise, I’m taking a lot of pictures of my feet. That’s scary, because have you seen my second toe? It’s freakishly long. I mean, FREAKISHLY, and who wants a photo album or tumbler blog of THAT?

Wish me luck. Change is hard. Even little changes. (Except if it was a little change to eat a chocolate truffle every day, then that change wouldn’t hurt at all.)