I'm Going to Write a Blovel and Need Your Help

You know, I’ve been searching for blog topics. I could keep blogging about my life, but I’m a little tired of me and I need a break. So I posted on FaceBook that I was thinking of what to write and Dana H. gave me a great idea.

Two years ago, I posted “Blunder Woman” as a blovel. A blog novel, if you will. I wrote tiny snippets and posted them online…and now that blovel is a honest to god book—or will be on July 11th. And since it’s summer and I don’t want to blog about myself entirely, I thought, why don’t I blovel again?

Only this time, I’d like a little help from you.

Here’s my idea. I want to create a story written with readers in mind. I don’t know if I can do it, but I’d like to try. I’ll ask questions, you give me input, and I’ll write. Whatever it ends up being, it will probably be funny, or at least have funny elements to it. There will be quirky characters, and maybe a saucy scene every now and then.

So here’s my first question:

What kind of serial book would keep you coming back?

Do you want another romantic comedy, suspense, sci-fi? Do you want a murder mystery? Vampires? Zombies? Quirky every day women? Divorced? Singles? Do you want to read the further misadventures of Blunder Woman, or would you like to meet some new characters? Just, you know, no Westerns. By god, no westerns.

Tell me what you want. The first step is the genre, or type of blovel. Then I’ll come up with some basic ideas and let you choose.

So. Let’s get started. Tell me what you want to read, and I’ll write it.

And tell your friends. The more input, the more possibilities.