Is Your Name On The Asylum Wall? Here are the Acknowledgments

Lots of people have encouraged me as I've worked on "Tunnel Vision", and I want to thank you. Since The book is about to go to print, and here are the names I've culled from looking at the website and Facebook and previous comments. If your name isn't here and you want it to be, let me know. Also, of course, if you DON'T want to be listed. It is a story about an asylum in the 1930s, after all. It's pretty messed up. You might want to keep your distance. :)



Janel Atwood Heird

Tim Beeler

Melissa Baldwin White

James B. Bradshaw

Patrick L. Callahan

Alexa Dannenberg

Tristan De Boer

Bettie Ellens

Christopher Grooms

Sydney Groth

Evan Heird

Alysia Hough

Diana Peffer Johnson

Bob Kostic

Kim McNiel Smith

Malinda Peterson

Roxanne Riley Victor

Deborah Rosko

John Shull

Liliana Juracon Stephenson

Kerri VanderHoff

Katie Wibert

Cory Young