Kealoha and Blunder Woman At Home

A week later and the dust has finally settled. Kealoha and I are married. It’s weird because things don’t feel any different, although I like looking over at him and seeing that shiny ring on his finger. Now that the bacchanal of the wedding is over I guess we just…well…move on. We go back to being the daring an audacious couple we were before, only now we’re a Mr. & Mrs. (although I’m keeping my name). Here is an example of just how wild and crazy our life is. We were sitting and having dinner last night. Kealoha grilled sausages and veggies and I made a trial dip for my dip blog. (No Bake Warm Artichoke and Spinach Dip. I’ll post it later.)

We were talking about our day. Then I stretched and said: “It’s pajaamma time” and Kealoha and I simultaneously seat-danced a little to Hammertime. He did the “doodoodoodoo”. We looked at each other and just laughed. It was ridiculous on so many levels.

(I was going to put in the "Hammertime" video from Youtube, but I got distracted by this)

Anyway. Kealoha said: “It’s official. We are now an old and boring married couple.” I said I was okay with that. Kealoha nodded and put more mustard on his plate.

Then I said that I had my students bring in songs to play and talk about the song’s ‘emotional argument’. It’s a way of getting them to write a thesis. I said, “You know, I like listening to the music they choose. It reminds me how out of touch I am.” Then I said something like “In my twenties I would’ve known all these bands. Now I’m just too tired. I don’t have the energy to find new music.”

Kealoha nodded in agreement. “Why do you think I listen to polka?” he said.

Yes. This is the new Kealoha and Blunder Woman, sitting at home, eating sausages, getting ready for bed at 7:15PM, quoting bad 90s music, and detailing the finer reasons for appreciating polka music: it’s less exhausting than looking for new music.

In short, marrying Kealoha has changed exactly nothing. We’re still exactly the same, only this time we have rings to say we’re a unit.


I said “unit”.