The Wedding

I'm still processing everything...but what I can say right now is that I had my dream wedding. It didn't involve a hugely expensive dress or gigantic flowers. There were no violins or love poems. There was great food, great drinks, and one of the shortest ceremonies ever. There was Star Wars music, Elvis, "Dancing in the Moonlight" and my family and friends laughing, applauding, and dancing the night away.

I'll blog more about it later.  I'm hoping that for everyone there it was more than just a was a time to relax and have fun with the people important in your life.

Here's the song my brother danced me down the aisle to. I wanted to enter the marriage with pure joy...and it's totally how I feel about Kealoha. I never really believed in soul mates, until I met him. I love that man. If you know him, then it's easy for you to see why.