My Mini-Social-Media Vacation

A few days ago Kealoha came over and I was telling him about my day. “So I had my students peel oranges…” Then I realized that he already knew what I was going to say because I had Tweeted about the writing exercise I gave my students. And I had posted a Facebook message about my newsletter. And I had tweeted about my general anxiety, and the funny ideas I’d had throughout the day and…I realized that I had no more secrets left to share. Anything that I’d say really wouldn’t be a surprise.

That’s when I realized I have a problem. I think I slipped over from softly promoting my work to obsessively promoting it. MUST POST THIS ONLINE is sort of how my brain has been working. I think my brain is actually starting to work in 140 characters. My days are reduced to snippets of “I want to eat a burrito the size of my head” to “I saw a woman walking around with a dog on her head and got closer and realized it was her hair and not a dog. #ShouldWearMyGlasses.”

Of course, there is the legitimate promotional side to all this. I’m trying to gently connect with readers, tell them about my work, encourage them to read it, hope that I can begin some kind of snowballing effect where suddenly there’s a whole giant ball of people reading my stuff. (Huh. Not really a pleasant image actually.) I don’t know if it’s working. I do know that I’m just a little worn out trying to come up with clever things to post.

I’ve talked about losing my writing/funny mojo. I don’t think I’ve lost it exactly, but I do think I’m tired. I’ve been constantly writing, narrating, teaching, promoting for the last two years now. I did have a vacation in the summer when I went to New York with my niece, but I was in so much pain with needing a root canal that I can’t say I relaxed all that much.

I just need a vacation.

Of course, I can’t really go on vacation right now, so I’m taking a mini-one from social media. Why, then, am I blogging? Well, it’s not a total vacation. I mean, I’m not obsessed with this idea unplugging totally, I’m just backing off on the constant updates of posting pointless ridiculous things about my day, although I must say I do enjoy sharing those updates. I thought for a few days I’d maybe, I don’t know, put that energy into writing either my blog or working on “Tunnel Vision” and Book #4.

So check back for blogs. I just simply won’t promote them on Facebook or Twitter for a little while. My goal is a ten-day vacation but Kealoha said gently that “maybe you should just try for five days first and see how you feel, otherwise you might make yourself crazy”. I love that he understands me so well. And I guess I do have one little secret: that I really am already a little bit crazy. Just hopefully in a cute, endearing artistic way and not, say, a way where I run naked through the streets calling out for Free Cheese.

If I ever do that, I won’t post it on Twitter or Facebook. No. I’ll make a video and put it on Youtube instead.