What I Did On Vacation OR Bring On The Gladiators!

Ahhh….vacation! What have I done with my vacation from social networking and endless/obsessive tweeting and status updating? I’ve been watching “Spartacus” with Kealoha. Man, it’s a good program. It’s brutal and colorful with great music and complex characters. There are also lots and lots of naked gladiator men. I’m talking full-frontal here. Full-frontal, people. And the men glisten…not like sparkly vampires, but they glisten like hot, sweaty, manly men. Sure, the ladies are naked too. In fact, pretty much everyone is naked, even the animals. It is ancient Rome after all.

What else have I been up to? I’ve had some good quality time with the kiddos. And since I haven’t been obsessively online, I’ve had time to cook. I made homemade pasta one night (fettuccini) and then a three course Indian dinner with chickpea curry, spicy potatoes, and chicken in a lemon yogurt sauce. I also worked out. I had a friend over for dinner and gossip, and I met my writing partner J. for coffee and a game of Quiddler. (He won, but I’ve clobbered him on the last three games, so no hard feelings.) I also read and wrote a bit. I took a shower. (This is a major achievement.) I made brownies from scratch. Good God! Why would I ever return to social networking again? I’ve had so much time on my hands!  If this continues, I may learn French or how to scuba dive, or I don’t know, solve global warming!

Okay. Probably not. I have three more episodes of Spartacus to go.

The point is, it’s been awfully nice backing off on the whole “Must Promote Writing” thing. I think I just went overboard. Now, I’m trying to be kinder and gentler about it. Hopefully people are reading my work and interested. If not, meh.

I think maybe I’m starting to relax a little (and without Valium!). I think my new life has finally settled and I can stop being so manic, or at least put my energy into more writing, cooking, time with the kiddos and Kealoha.

I’ll need the time too, especially since Kealoha is officially moving in! Wohoo! Yes. It’s true. Like they did in Happy Days, Kealoha gave me his cardigan sweater, sang me a song, and asked to pin me.

Actually, he just pinned me.


The point is, he’s moving in. We’re taking this to the next level, which means, combined households, two toothbrushes (or four if you count the kids’) and endless nights of whatever series I’m (we’re) currently obsessed with. (Right now it’s Spartacus, but Battlestar Gallactica is next followed by Firefly.)

I could get used to this more relaxed life, one filled with less social-networking and more real-life living.

Vacation is good. It’s really, really good.

So is Spartacus. Seriously. Mmmmm. Naked glistening torsos and serious action sequences. Spartacus! Spartacus! Spartacus!

I should probably stop now. Really. I’m starting to hyperventilate.