New York Snapshots

I forgot the cord to my camera, so most of my photos are on that. I did try to take a few pictures of what I've been up to. So, instead of a detailed, long blog, here's a much shorter one: I was in The Village (I think) and followed these two guys. It was like a Time Machine moment. Like there was the younger guy, and then his older self walking next  to him. They were wearing basically the same outfit and walked with the same gait. Their arms moved exactly at the same time. It was freaky! They're either father and son so there's something genetic going on, or they're enmeshed lovers. About the only thing different was the older one wore shoes with sole support.


Here's a picture of GHOST: The Musical! It was an 'experience'. There were some supremely cheesy moments, moments so bad that all they needed was a slow motion picture of a rose blooming to signify making love...but the show still managed to be entertaining.


Here's a picture of a NY Sidewalk. If you've ever been here, then this will remind you of the grime of the city. Throw in a little hot urine, and that's pretty much New York in the summer.


I waited outside the IFC for a friend of mine last night. We went to a grungy bar for dinner and then a quirky gay bar to watch the Tony's. As I waited, this was what I saw:

I chanced upon four random street fairs, with the same vendor clones sprouting up everywhere I turned. It was like being in a spontaneously regenerating labyrinth. I started to freak out a little. Eventually, I escaped (and got some adorable earrings).




Perhaps my favorite moment was when Rae and Kim and I were strolling through Little Italy and then Chinatown. We heard this ethereal music and stumbled into this:


It was surreal and beautiful. I'll write more about that later.


And, finally,  here I am drinking at the tiki club called "Otto's Shrunken Head". I pretty much had a shrunken head after that experience.