Eduardo. The Cabbie Of Love

After The Scariest Cab Ride EVER, I admit I was afraid to leave New York. But as soon as Eduardo pulled up to the Sheraton, I knew everything was going to be fine. As soon as the door closed he said: “Ah, beautiful lady, today your lucky day. I will be your cabbie. I will take care of you.” I believed him because he said I was beautiful and he had a Spanish accent.

Here then, are some of the comments Eduardo made, while weaving in and out of traffic:



EDUARDO: I believe in the positive energy, you know?

ME: Ah. Okay.

EDUARDO: You married or single?

ME: (slight awkward pause wondering why he was asking) Married. Yep. Happily married. (I was afraid he was going to try to ‘romance’ me into going somewhere with him.)

EDUARDO: What music you listen to?

ME: What do you mean?

EDUARDO: What music? You know? At the wedding?

ME: Uhhh… (How could I explain Kealoha’s music interests? Lounge music, polka, and Elvis?) I don’t remember. We had mai tais and mojitos. I think there was singing.

EDUARDO: Ha! Well? What music makes you romantic? Romantic is good, positive energy.

ME: Uh? Sinatra?

EDUARDO: Boom! Bam! Here you go!


Suddenly, Sinatra singing “My Kind Of Town” filled the cab. Eduardo giggled.


EDUARDO: Where you from, beautiful lady?

ME: Michigan.

EDUARDO: Ah! Big lake there! Big water! Not Chicago though. I don’t have a song about Michigan.

ME: It’s okay. This is good.

EDUARDO: It’s lucky day for you, lady.


We drove for a while and listened to Sinatra croon.

After that, Eduardo continued:


EDUARDO: I like everything. Everything is good. I like music. I understand. Music makes everything better so you don’t sit in cab all mad, yes? You relax. You enjoy. What song you want next? Pick anything! Anything at all! But not hip hop or rap or R&B. That not good energy.

ME: Why don’t you pick something? I’m kinda tired.

EDUARDO: I will pick something romantic for you. I will pick something for you that tells you who I am. It is beautiful. Bunky-punky-bomonkey! Here you go:


Then he played something that was very late 70s or early 80s something. Something you’d hear on EZ LITE 100 or something. I could just see the video with a guy with a mullet staring out into the darkness, his mullet ruffling in the breeze, and the camera panning to a dude in skinny suspenders playing a saxophone. I mean, it was BAD. There was one lyric I tried to remember so I could look up the song. “Another Lonely Night In New York”.


EDUARDO: You know who that is? It’s that dead guy.

ME: Oh?

EDUARDO: Yeah! Gibb! Robin Gibb! So beautiful.


This is when the cab ride became surreal. Eduardo then played for me some ‘beautiful, romantic music’ that included “The Lady In Red” and some more really lite music that had synthesizers and videos that surely had random pictures in soft focus of like a lion walking toward the viewer, or a room with a black and white checkered floor. Then we pulled up to the airport. Eduardo and I said our goodbyes. He said the plane ride might be a little choppy, but I would be fine. I believed him, because when Eduardo tells you something, you just listen.


To share his magic, here then, is Eduardo’s favorite song. Enjoy: