Not a NonBlog. A Real Blog. I'm baaaaack.

When I said I wasn’t going to blog for a whole week…I meant a business week. And I meant a business week with a bank holiday in it.

Aw, fuck it. I’m blogging. Yes. There are words here that will never go in to my novel, but let’s face it, I’m writing a gothic historical suspense messed up novel. My current words don’t belong anywhere near that. And when I don’t blog, I then have to schedule a therapy appointment and as much as I love my therapist (Dr. Dave) he costs me money.

Not that I really need to talk to him about any of this.

Random things I wanted to blog about but have not:

My mom was so excited to get “Blunder Woman” in her hands that she started crying. Seriously. She’s so cute. And she’s very proud of me. There are a lot of writers out there whose parents have never really understood their passion for writing. My mom on the other hand? Well, you know those crazy parents that support their superstar football players by wearing body paints and squishy hats and screaming “THAT’S MY BOY! KILL THEM, TIGER!!” That would be my mom. If I let her paint herself and wear a shirt that said “My Daughter Is A Writer” she’d totally do it.

My Mom. Internally.

She told me that she sold one of my books. (I’d given her two.) She said, “I told a few people at the retirement village that your book came out.”


She paused for a really long time. I could see her collecting her thoughts like apple picking in her mind. “Actually,” she said and I could hear the excitement in that one word. “I’m telling everybody! I showed the woman at the gas station and I talk to people in the grocery store and I was talking to this 80-yr-old woman at the apartment and she wanted to buy your book so I sold it to her! And I told her that it was X-rated and she said that she was really looking forward to that.”

I just shook my head. And then laughed. The book isn’t x-rated. Not exactly. I mean there’s not a lot of bonking going around. There is a lot of thinking about it. And I guess there are a lot of clitorises. Or would it be clitori? Mostly, there’s some language. Fantasies. Little people. You know, every day romantic comedy stuff.

I could go on here but I have to go teach a class and now I’m terrified I might actually say the word “clitoris” to my students.


See why I need to blog? I can’t carry this stuff around with me. Seriously. This stuff’s got to come OUT. And there’s more, but I’ll wait until tomorrow.