Random Notes FOUR "A Different Kind Of Weenie"

-Four- Kealoha will probably kill me for writing this (or go into the website and delete the post. I’ve given him permission to do this if I ever cross the what’s-appropriate line). But it still makes me laugh.

We were snuggling in bed and I was just about asleep. He was wrapped around me and I felt something sort of ‘lower down’ moving a little bit. I could ignore this, or I could ask him about it. So I said: “Are you fiddling down there?”

“Fiddling?” he asked, whether because he was unsure of my meaning or just needed me to say it louder.

“Yeah. You know…are you ‘fiddling’ on the sly?” I said. Louder.

Kealoha burst out laughing. “No, Maw, I ain’t fiddling. I’m a-scratchin’ my leg. The stuff you fiddle with is higher up.”

Then I realized that maybe he was laughing at my vocabulary. “What? People talk like this! People say ‘fiddlin’ on the sly’ all the time. Naturally. Don’t they?”

“In the thirties maybe. In the deep south.”

Hmmm. Just yesterday I talked about being bamboozled and something being a lot of hooey. Kealoha may have a point. This isn't a natural vocabulary. Maybe it should be.

And maybe my marathon of Boardwalk Empire has had a slight effect on me. I’m starting to think that my palpitations might be cured by a little backwoods hooch.

Hooch is alcohol, right? And not…uhm…a vajayjay?

Shoot. I better stick to modern slang.