Random Thing #4: NOISES


I occasionally make very weird sounds. Sometimes, if I’m really tired, and I’m just about to drift asleep, I make this guttural UUUUGGGHHH sound. I’m not kidding. It’s a sound you might think would come from a might lumberjack, and not some late-thirties writer chick. It’s so loud and deep, it wakes me up. Kealoha thinks it’s hysterical.


Yesterday while opening a Netflix, I looked at the title and immediately raised my pinky to my mouth and said “oooooh” like Dr. Evil. You have to understand. I was not consciously mimicking Dr. Evil. I did this NATURALLY. Then I looked up at Kealoha and we both started laughing, because I’m just so weird.


“When people ask why you love me, tell them that I make strange noises, will you?” I said.


He said, “Yeah. It’s incredibly sexy lying next to a sleeping woman and hearing her go GAAAARRR!”


I nodded. I nodded because it’s true.