Spring Break and General-ness

The kids are off to South Carolina with their dad for Spring Break so that means I have one week to clean the house, finish the memoir, lose twenty pounds, cook amazing from scratch-meals and freeze for future use, dye my hair, watch all the shows that are rusting on my DVR including 6 episodes of Nigella Lawson cooking shows, and while I’m at it, I should also probably do some general protesting and picketing for causes I believe in.  



I’ll get right on that.


Yesterday, I did accomplish something. I planted a bush. And I made ravioli stuffed with arugula and goat cheese with pine nuts and lemon. We ate all of it and froze nothing. We watched “The Walking Dead” and I practiced zombie faces in the mirror thinking maybe I could get a guest role as a Mom Zombie. Then I took a nap. I also walked outside for an hour until my legs were wobbly and my toes sent threatening signals of “Blister alert! Blister alert!” Then I ate some sprouts that I grew in my little sprout-maker thing in the effort to Get Healthy. It made me feel like a rabbit, chewing those sprouts.


Today, I have a To Do list that’s three feet long, but I think I’ll just focus on eating my favorite Buffalo Tofu sandwich, prepping some books for narration, and trying to cheer Kealoha up. He’s crabby because the weather is nice and he just knows it’s going to change ANY MINUTE. That’s a true Michigander for you (or an old fuddy duddy, but don’t tell him I said that. In fact, don’t tell anyone that I actually just used fuddy-duddy in a sentence in earnest).


No crazy antics in this post. That’s okay. The week is young.


Happy Spring, everyone.