Summer blovel is about to begin!

Thanks to everyone who voted on what I should write for my Summer Blovel. It's the 1930's moody gothic suspense, and I've just started writing it. I'm going to post a few pages starting today. You may decide to hold off reading for a bit until there's more, or maybe you want to try it bit by bit. I'm not sure where the piece is going, but I have a couple of guesses. Try to give me a few posts to get it going.

I'll ask for more input later on. You can help me title it, name characters, decide what happens next. Like I said, it'll be like Choose Your Own Adventure...only the adult version.

And, yeah, there's a good chance it'll suck. But I'm going to give it a decent try, and already the characters are starting to form. This week, you'll find the Prologue and then meet Dr. Kinney, a new doctor at the Norethern Michigan Insane Asylum (its original name before becoming the Traverse City State Mental Hospital). Hope you like what's coming. I hope I do too.