Dog Story Theater

Join Me at Dog Story Theater on August 8 at 8PM

Well, I'm not giving a reading...but that's okay. This is actually more fun. (And less stressful for me.) Dog Story Theater invited me to participate in their VIP Comedy Show. Don't worry. I'm not doing the improv part. Basically, they let me sit in a comfy chair and ask me about my life and then they do an improv show about it. For $5, you too can be there to witness embarrassing truths about my past...and see just how they're going to work in the title to my books. I imagine they'll ask me what's so good about sausage.

So. Dog Story Theater. Monday, August from 8-8:50. I'll be there. I'll have extra books. Come to laugh and hang out.

I used to do radio shows and plays at Dog Story when I had a little more free time. Their location has changed since then (for the better). They're now by St. Cecilia Music Center and around the corner from that Chinese Buffet place on the corner of Fulton and Jefferson.