Night O' Crazy Dreams

I’m sitting in my office currently trying desperately to ward off sleep. Oh, but she’s seductress that one. Sleep. Calling to me. I mean, yes, I did a great work out and then promptly filled my tummy with warm soup; and, yes, I’m sitting in a cozy office trying to write and read; and, yes, It’s 2PM—the Nap Witching Hour. On top of all that though, my daughter was up a good portion of the night last night so I’m feeling pretty much exhausted.

Now that I think of it, I can blame my sleepiness on something else entirely. Last night, my house was freezing, so instead of turning the heat up (as a new heat-bill-payer I’m terrified of the new expense) I tossed on a super-thick super-fuzzy blanket. The only trouble with this was that I became so overheated I was having dreams that were more like hallucinations.

Last night I was supposed to go to Dog Story Theater and watch some comedy shows and then try improv and then go out to drinks. Because my little girl was sick, I ended up staying home, taking care of her and being a good mom. But in my DREAMLAND, I did go to Dog Story. It was super weird. There were tons of people there and everyone was laughing, only I couldn’t understand what any of the performers were saying.

Then I woke up in bed and one of the performers was sleeping next to me, with his arm draped around my waist. WTF? How did this happen?  And why was it this particular performer? (He is cute and all…but…REALLY?)

And then I was trying on a wedding dress because I was going to force this guy to propose to me. (Why in my dreams am I always forcing someone to propose to me? Does it really take coercion?)

Thankfully, I woke up. Discovered that the gentleman sleeping next to me was not said performer but my 5 yr old son, who was snuggled so close to me I had to de-Velcro him from my side. And I wasn’t wearing a wedding dress or forcing anyone to marry me. I was still in my enormous comfy pant pajamas and tank top.

I’ve since taken that blanket off my bed. I’ll try kicking up the heat tonight. As fun as those hallucinations were, I’m exhausted. I need a good sleep. And, sheesh, if I’m going to dream that someone is in bed with me, you’d think we’d be doing more than sleeping. Like maybe he’d be playing with my hair.

That’s not a euphemism, people. Really it’s not.