"Tunnel Vision" is Now Available!

What a good way to start 2013. I woke up and Kealoha informed me that "Tunnel Vision & Other Stories From The Edge" is now available as an ebook. Paperback is coming soon, and we hope to have an audio version as well. Now Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.


You'll notice from the cover that this is a departure from my comedic writing. Don't worry. I won't always be dark, but it's fun to mix it up.

Here's a quick summary of "Tunnel Vision" as described by the inmates. The novel switches POV between the inmates and Dr. Kinney:



It is 1932 and we are the inmates at the Northern Michigan Insane Asylum. We are tended by physicians like Dr. Elliot Kinney, but we do not care for him or his modern techniques. There is a secret he carries; it slithers within him. We can tell. We watch. We know.

 At night, beneath the asylum, we move in the vast network of The Tunnels. We slip in and out of shadows, for we are keeping our own secret close to us. We have kept her for over twenty years.

 She is our Alma, our soul, and we do not want Dr. Kinney to take her from us. There are ways we have of fighting.


 We will never tell.




Along with the novella “Tunnel Vision”, author Tanya Eby includes three stories from a dark edge: “The Perfect Neighbor”, “The Shedow”, and “Birth Day”.


Thanks to everyone who helped me get this piece out there. I hope you enjoy the novella and the short stories I've included.


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