Updates I didn't put on Twitter or Facebook, for good reason.

I am not going to complain in this blog. I am not going to complain in this blog. I am maybe going to complain just a little bit in this blog, but it’s not a REAL complaint.  

Secretly, I worry that I have become boring.


I like to tweet and blog about the crazy things going on in my life, but this last week….man. Here are tweets and Facebook statuses I didn’t post:


  • Slept in. Did some stretching. Took a nap.


  • Now flipping through cookbooks and planning our next week’s menu. I’m thinking empanadas and Tuscan bean soup, and tilapia in an herb crust.


  • I had a stomach-ache all day and thought it was appendicitis, but really it was just gas.


  • Finally read “Breaking Dawn.” If I was a vampire, I don’t think I’d philosophize and talk so much.


  • I have the longest hair EVER on my CHIN. What is wrong with me? Am I becoming a Sasquatch? Or a man?


  • Was proud of staying on Weight Watchers plan when I had lunch with my sister. Looked up crab legs. 3 points! Delighted in meal. Found out later that it was 3 points PER LEG. So, uh, my actual lunch was 30 points. Cannot eat for the rest of the week to balance it out. #DietsSuck


  • Watched six hours of “Breaking Bad”. Am worried I am an addict. Drugs scare me and make me itch.


I mean, what is going on? Where’s my angst? Where’s my inner turmoil? How do I function if….I’M HAPPY? I’m even losing my writing juju. I just sort of feel: meh. I’m like a fat cat who purrs all the time, rolls on the ground, and says RUB ME. (Just ask Kealoha.)


I’m trying to breathe through this. I know it’s going to be okay. I can handle this. I can totally handle this.