What My Moment Of Zen Ended Up Being

I had a moment this weekend where I was like “Wow. Life is really beautiful, you know?” And I wasn’t drunk. Or on valium for the dentist. No. This was au natural…except I was clothed.  

I was sitting in the playroom, which is also my office. Kealoha was running errands and the kids were playing downstairs. I sat at my desk and just breathed for a while and noticed as I sat in my stillness, I could hear the most beautiful birdsong out the window. I mean, it was really melodic and it sounded like it was from a Disney movie or something. Like somewhere, somehow some ugly chick was getting a gown made of berries JUST FOR HER and I could listen to it.

I breathed. I reveled in the moment of knowing I was exactly where I should be.


Then my son came upstairs. “Hey, ma,” he said. “Can I finish my game on the computer?”

“What?” I said, still in a half-daze. “Sure. Whatever. Go ahead.”


He sat at the computer and I looked over and noticed that the beautiful birdsong I was basking in was actually from this cute-monster video game and my son’s monster was in this freakish garden where plants had eyes and stuff. The actual sounds coming from outside were a car alarm and some distant lawn mowers and somebody nearby who was, I’m pretty sure, farting the national anthem.


So. Yeah. That was my moment of beauty. If you know me at all, you know that the actual genesis of the birdsong makes so much more sense than the one I had in my head. I was still happy, though. And mildly embarrassed.


A state in which I’m very comfortable.