My Son Solves My Artistic Problems

Here is a conversation I had with my son (7 years old) last night. He was looking at the proof copy “Foodies Rush In”.  

SON: Ma. Ma! So…are you famous?

ME: Famous? No. Why?

SON: But you have books, right?

ME: Yeah…

SON: Do a lot of people buy your books?

ME: Not really.

SON: How many have you sold?

ME: All together?

SON: Yeah.

ME: About 50.

SON: Wow. That’s a lot.

ME: (smiles)

SON: Why aren’t more people buying your books? ME: Well….

SON: Maybe if you wrote something that people WANT to read then they’d buy your books.

ME: (blink blink)

SON: Let me think about this. Maybe I could come up with an idea of something people would actually want to read.

ME: Okay. That would be really helpful.


A few minutes later, he told me that perhaps I should ‘write something with a lot of battles and explosions and stuff’ because that’s what he’d like to read, and he’s pretty sure there are like a million other people out there would like to read that too. And maybe then I’ll be famous.