What Should I Write for NaNoWriMo? VOTE!

The last two years, I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Basically, you commit to writing 50,000 words in a month, or 1,550 words a day. Or something like that. It’s intense, crazy, mind-blowing, hard and wonderful all at the same time. And it’s how I got first drafts of “Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage” and “Foodies Rush In”. the first drafts weren’t good, but they were complete novel-skeletons. So. I’m going to try this again. Only I’m having trouble deciding on what to write. Please cast your vote and I’ll write one of the following:


1. “Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Curious Curry” in which we revisit Pepper, Sausage, and Graham as Pepper attends a dinner party to celebrate the 40th year reunion of a commune she lived in. Quirky characters and a dinner to die for. Literally. People will end up dead and it will be up to Pepper (with the help of her favorite people) to figure out who’s spicing the food….with poison.


2. “Chloe Knaggs is Blunderful” in which we meet Chloe Knaggs as she was at age 14. The young adult novel takes place over Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday when Chloe and her crazy mom take a trip to visit relatives (and possibly escape from the law). Chaos. Awkwardness. And all things blunderful.


3. A collection of short stories called “Seven Sarahs” in which we meet seven different women (of all different ages) in pivotal moments of their lives. Some stories are literary. Some humorous. The ending story will tie all the previous ones together in a surprising way.


See? I’m not abandoning romantic comedy…I’m just shifting my comedic sensibilities in a new direction and trying some new-ish things.

Which book do you think I should write?