New Review of "Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage"

This is in the October issue of "On The Town". I didn't even realize they had the book. See original story HERE. By Joanne N. Bailey-Boorsma

Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage By Tanya Eby 

With perfectly normal Amy Wellington set to walk down a perfectly normal aisle, a wedding weekend that should be perfectly dull turns into fun, games, and murder when her mother, Pepper, and hunky ex, Graham, arrive for the nuptials. Turns out perfectly normal Amy is perfectly unique Sausage Wellington, running from a past that has now caught up to her on the picturesque Leelanau Peninsula and plans to wrap its loving and patchouli-scented arms around her despite Sausage’s objections. When wedding guests begin dropping like flies the night before the wedding, Pepper sends Sausage and Graham to a secluded cottage for their own safety. Soon the remaining guests-turned-suspects all arrive, seeking sanctuary and unwittingly putting themselves in very close quarters with the murderer.

In true Eby style, the book is fast and funny. I tried to figure out the culprit before my eyes read far enough, but I was pleasantly surprised when the villain was revealed. Like Eby’s other books, Pepper Wellington has a satisfying ending with an out-of-left-field twist that suits the pace and the story perfectly.