Win A Latte On Me (but not literally ON me)

Since I'm just swimming in dough... Oh, wait. That was how I'd start this blog if I wrote "Fifty Shades Of Grey". I didn't. Let me start again.

I want to have a giveaway so I went through my couch cushions and came up with a super exciting prize! Cookie crumbs, an empty Doritos bag, and a weird hairy Squinkie! YAY!!!

No. Actually. The real contest is as follows:

Add one of my books to your Goodreads queue by June 5th and I'll add you into a drawing for your very own coffee from Starbucks!

That's right! A WHOLE COFFEE! Or whatever you can get for $5.00, because that's what the gift card is for.


That's all you have to do. Goodreads. You. One of my books. The books eligible are "Blunder Woman", "Easy Does It", "Foodies Rush In" or "Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage". You don't actually have to BUY any of the books. Just add it to your queue. You could win a prize! A real prize! Wohoooo!

Visit me at Goodreads here:

Enter up to four times*. Your dream of a free coffee is within reach. Really. Wishes can come true.

But not if you wish for a unicorn. They're not real. Sorry.


*If you've already added one of my books to your queue, then you're ALREADY in the contest! High five!