Small, Manageable Goals

I was clobbered yesterday by the flu: aches, shakes, fever, and a general malaise. About the only thing good about it was that I was just able to use the word 'malaise'. Kealoha took care of the kids and they gave me stuffed animals to cuddle with. I woke up this morning feeling about 82% better (I like to be specific). Maybe the whole flu-thing was just another way of my body saying "Dude, slow down". (My body is a stoner and talks like a Californian.) "Take it easy, man. Reee-laaax."

Today, then, instead of being overly obsessive and over-achieving, I'm going to keep it simple. I'm going to slow down, dude. It's all about small, manageable goals. Here then is my to do list:


I'll get right on that. After I take a nap.


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