A Conversation With Franz About The Future

My 8 year old son and I had a little mommy & me time this weekend. So over our frozen yogurts, we had a little heart to heart. Here is our conversation:  

FRANZ: So, Ma, what do you think the future will be like?

ME: What do you mean?


Whadya mean, what do I mean? I mean the future. What will it be like?

ME: Well, you know how we use iPhones and stuff to search when we don’t know something?

FRANZ: Yeah.



Well, maybe they’ll implant like a computer chip or something in our brain so we can access the web inside our heads, like use our eyes to scroll on a screen that appears in our mind and we can download whatever we want whenever we want and then everyone will wear robes and stuff because it’s more comfortable and…




What are you talking about? Are you crazy? That would hurt! They’d inject a computer into a baby’s brain? They’d crack the baby’s head open! I mean, that’s so cruel. Your future sucks. In my future, nothing changes. Maybe they discover a few new animals or something, but they’re not going to put anything into your brain for crying out loud.



You’re probably right. I mean, we pretty much have everything we need right now.


FRANZ: Except Sour Patch Kids.



That’s true. But that’s a problem we can fix right now.




And so we did.