Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Okay. So I’ve taken time off from the blog for a few reasons.  

1)   On our way to the writing conference, I checked my ‘platform’ numbers. Publishers like to know how many friends you have on Twitter and Facebook and what your website hits are. It’s annoying, but part of the industry. I thought the blog was doing really well, and then I looked at the numbers and saw there’s about 200 visits a month. Then I got all embarrassed because I’d need like 10,000 hits a month or something for a publisher to even blink.


2)   I needed time off to work on my memoir. Memoir writing is depressing and hard, but I guess therapeutic. But after working on that, the idea of sitting down and writing more about my day-to-day life just seemed, I dunno, indulgent. Like, annoying-indulgent. Like, why-is-she-showing-us-all-her-back-hair indulgent.


3)   I’ve been trying to pull back on the time I’m at the computer so I can ‘be more present’ with the kids when they’re here, and then prep audiobooks and narrate when they’re not.


4)   I don’t know what my blog’s Point of View is anymore. When people ask me what I write about, I just say, uh….my stuff.  Then I get nervous because then I wonder if they think I mean that I write about my vagina, which I don’t. My vagina does not have a blog, although I bet if it did, it could get at least 300 hits a month.


I’m really not moody OR going through an existential crisis. It’s just blogging takes a lot of time and energy and writing mojo.


Once I figure out more of the stuff to write about, I will. I mean, I have this kick ass trip to New York coming up to go to the Audies. And I might post excerpts from the memoir. And summer is coming, as soon as spring can stick around and I still have that food blog with three more dips to post and…I don’t know.


Maybe I shouldn’t look at the numbers anymore. Maybe I should stop trying to be this big ‘success’ with my blog and books, and return to writing just because I love it.