Six Sentence Sunday

“Gawd,” Megan breathed, trying to hoist the enormous menu up in front of her eyes. “I’ve heard that everything is bigger in the north…” She paused mid-sentence as our waiter materialized next to Megan.

She turned her head and was nose to, well, let’s just say, our waiter’s lower waist...midsection....below the the side of the leg.

Oh, for crying out loud, Megan’s nose almost touched our waiter’s dick (which was in his pants of course).

“Case in point,” Mom said and motioned to our waiter.

From "Blunder Woman" by Tanya Eby published by Champagne Books.

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Six Sentence Sunday June 5

Last week, I forgot to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday, and man, what a downer. I like this game of posting six sentences from a published or work-in-progress novel, getting comments, and reading other entries and giving them comments. It feels really supportive. Like a good bra, but in written form.

Here's my Six for this week. It's from the opening pages of "Blunder Woman".

I probably would have been a lesbian if it weren’t for the whole vagina thing. Not that I liked women sexually…although after a few gin & tonics everybody pretty much looked like my potential soul mate. No, it was more that I was sick and tired of the drama with men, or to be more exact, I was sick and tired of the drama with Matt M. Or as I call him: Mmm for short. I mean, how could I love him for nearly two years and have nothing to show for it? What was I waiting for?

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Six Sentence Sunday 5/29/11

“Amy, that man is staring at you,” Peter said.

Amy shifted in her seat and refused to look at Graham.

Even not looking at him, she was aware of how the tuxedo fit every curve of him.

She imagined, briefly, unsnapping the buttons and tucking her hand beneath the smooth white fabric to trace the hair of his chest, to burrow her fingertips in it.

Well, not exactly burrow, he wasn’t a Sasquatch, but the idea of tracing the line of his clavicle then working her way under his shirt to touch the swell of his chest and then his nipple…

“Why, Amy, now you’re staring at him!”

From “Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage”

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