Six Sentence Sunday June 5

Last week, I forgot to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday, and man, what a downer. I like this game of posting six sentences from a published or work-in-progress novel, getting comments, and reading other entries and giving them comments. It feels really supportive. Like a good bra, but in written form.

Here's my Six for this week. It's from the opening pages of "Blunder Woman".

I probably would have been a lesbian if it weren’t for the whole vagina thing. Not that I liked women sexually…although after a few gin & tonics everybody pretty much looked like my potential soul mate. No, it was more that I was sick and tired of the drama with men, or to be more exact, I was sick and tired of the drama with Matt M. Or as I call him: Mmm for short. I mean, how could I love him for nearly two years and have nothing to show for it? What was I waiting for?

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