Easy Does It #12 "Kim Took Off To Find Her Inner Cowgirl"

Chapter 12

Kim took off to find her inner cowgirl.


Dan ignored his brother. He was always yelling something at him: either to grab him a beer, or a coke, or watch some football replay, or see how his muscle flexed in the mirror. It was exhausting. After a day of building websites for a Christian Reformed church, and then the adult bookstore Purple Velvet, Dan was emotionally zapped. He wanted to unwind and relax.

He picked up the Rubik’s Cube again and began to shift and spin the colors. It was the one thing left from his old life that he still had, and could do quietly without his brother’s interference. Now, even this seemed to be a sacrifice he’d have to make.

“We’re going out tomorrow night.” He heard his brother’s voice barrel through the living room. “I just snagged you a date.”

Dan felt his breath rush out of him, and realized it was fear. He hadn’t dated anyone in ages, not since Kim emptied out their apartment and took off to Texas to find her inner cowgirl. That was over two years ago and Dan still hadn’t recovered from that terrible moment of coming home and finding his life and the woman he loved…gone.  Kevin had been pestering him to get back into dating, but Dan just didn’t have the stomach for it. Plus, he was still a little angry about the whole situation and he didn’t want to date another woman until he met someone he could trust. Really trust.

And now, Kevin had gone the extra mile and actually set Dan up on a date. Dan knew that he’d have to go with Kevin on this one. Kevin never took no for an answer, it was why he was such a good salesman. Dan would have to accompany Kevin wherever he wanted and then meet this mystery woman that Kevin was setting him up with. The last woman Kevin wanted him to meet had had breasts that in some countries might be considered assault weapons, they jutted out so far. It was the image of who this woman would be that sent Dan into an anxiety attack. 

“Yo, Dan!” Kevin yelled. “Come in here and check her out.” Dan slowly set his Rubik’s Cube down and stood up. He might as well lock it away for good. There was no way out of this so he might as well see her picture and try to figure out a defense plan for tomorrow night. Whoever she was, if Kevin picked her, then Dan knew she was not the one for him.