Guest Comments from Elizabeth Searle

I met Elizabeth Searle at the MFA program I attended through the University of Southern Maine. While we never worked directly together, I did get to be in one of her workshops and saw her perform...and we clicked. Both of us have performance backgrounds and a love for theater. She even wrote a rock opera about the Tonya Harding saga called "Tonya and Nancy". Plus, she writes erotic fiction so steamy you really need someone to read it to you. :) Here's a comment from her with a great reminder. And check out her blog and writing.

"Hi Tanya & Tanya fans– I just want to chime in with Blunder Woman that she’s got the right approach here– as in the title of her first book: Easy Does It. Inch in with small steps and get your footing. Don’t overlook the opportunities of small mags, online mags; publish there, anywhere, and that gives you cover-letter fuel to approach the bigger fish with more crediblity–

as in fishing, PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE (and lots of red wine) are key– Thanks Tanya, for telling it like it is-"


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