New York Trip Eve--Let the blogging commence!

Tomorrow morning, Kealoha and I leave for New York City. Our flight leaves at 6:45 in the morning, so we’ve had quite the discussion on how to navigate flying when both of us are kinda neurotic freaks about travelling. Kealoha likes to relax with a mai tai or two before flying, but how do you justify that at 5 in the morning? I told him I’m all set. I’m taking a valium. For real. I still have some from my doctor for ‘moments of high anxiety’. I think flying counts. As do PTA meetings. And standing in the line at Starbucks and…

Don’t worry. I’m only joking. Not about all of the above. I really am going to take a valium for the flight. I just have far too many panic attacks. Blugh. But I’m not a 1950s valium addict like in “Valley of the Dolls”. Really.

I’ve got about four different lists in preparation for the trip: things to do, things to take, breathing exercises, etc. I also made a list for K. He needs to change the cat box and eat the leftover Chinese food (hopefully not at the same time). My list has things like clean fridge, get money, pack gadgets. Then I contemplated whether I should specify on the list what I mean by gadgets in case my mom reads the list and wonders if I’m packing some kind of kinky sexual thing to experiment with K. I mean gadgets as in computer, iPod, Kindle, cell phone and all the charging devices.

Last night, as we were leaving the Mike Bribiglia performance (which was AWESOME. I wish I could tell a story like he does) I told K. that I’d made a decision about our trip. “I think we should take your car and park it…” I began, envisioning a long drawn out discussion in which I try to convince him that it’s worth the expense of parking at the airport.

“Okay,” he said. “I agree.”

I looked at him and felt my brow crinkle. “No, wait. I have to go through the justification. I don’t feel satisfied.”

“Okay. Go ahead.” He looked at me with an expression that said: “I am listening and taking you seriously”.

“Well…I want to drive your car because it’s too early in the morning to ask a friend to do it and I don’t want to take a cab because then you just end up sitting around and waiting and when we get back I just want the car there because otherwise we have to wait for someone to come get us and then we have to talk about the trip…”

K finished the sentence for me… “When really all we want to do is just get home and take a shower or go to sleep.”

“Yeah,” I said. I still wasn’t exactly satisfied. “See? I’m right.” I had to say that just because I’d been expecting a fight.

“Okay,” he said.

I think I’ll add on my To Do List, give K a big all smackaroo. On the lips. He barely bats an eye at all my neuroses. In fact, he seems to think exactly the way I do about things. I’m reminded when we were just starting to date and he said to me in that hushed lover-type whisper “You know, it’s like all our neuroses fit together perfectly.”

Isn’t that romantic?

We’ll see how the trip goes. Wish me luck. By day, I’ll be pitching my novel and K. will travel the streets of New York in search of delicious pastries.

I’m not joking.

See you tomorrow. I’m blogging (and tweeting) all week about our adventures.