Every time I come out with a new piece of writing or an audiobook, I feel pressure to promote it. It all makes me feel dirty.  

I know. I know. You’ve heard it before, but if you’re a self-published author, or you have books with a small house, you do have to put yourself out there.


But every time I write a tweet or a status update where I’m like “Hey! Buy my book!” I sorta feel like I’m saying “Hey! Look at my nipple!”


I’m reading this book called “Quiet” where it talks about characteristics of an introvert and it’s sorta like reading my own sequencing of DNA. I might come off pushy and gutsy, but inside, I’m pretty much a shriveled raisin.


Outside Tanya: "Step right up! Step right up and see the boy with twelve toes!"


Inside Tanya: "It's hot and I'm itchy."


The truth is, I don’t want ANYONE to look at my nipples, let alone pay me to look. Ew. But I would like them to read my words, like them, comment on them, tell other people about them…but. It’s exhausting. And that’s a lot to expect from other people.


I went to do my newsletter and the stats were depressing. I had about a dozen notices that said “Aw! You lost a subscriber. Someone doesn’t like you.” I’m pretty sure that’s a quote. It’s Mailchimp’s way of being kooky, but for a super-sensitive person, like myself, it’s just confirming my worst fears.


So. Instead of constantly promoting, my wonderful Kealoha put a nifty tab on my blog that we’ll continue to update where if you want something of mine, you can click on the link and it will take you to it. BOOKS TAB HERE.


And if you have time and energy to write a review, that’d be great, or suggest me to someone, that’d be great too.


But as for now, I’m done with showing my nipples.


At least figuratively. I’ll still show my nipples to my hubby if he asks very very nicely. That’s probably more than you need to know.